Keys To Using Spray Foam Insulation Around Residential Properties

One of the best ways to seal gaps in your home, such as in the attic or basement, is to use spray foam insulation. It comes with a lot of amazing properties and isn't hard to apply to surfaces either. Just review these application guidelines before using this insulation product around your property.

Protect Your Body

You don't want any part of your body to be exposed to spray foam insulation because it can cause negative effects, especially if you accidentally inhale these substances during application. You thus want to find a way to keep yourself from coming in contact with spray foam insulation.

Manufacturers make full-coverage body suits and protective masks that you can equip yourself with before applying this product around your property. You just need to put this gear on and then make sure there aren't any gaps or spaces where this insulation product could get through. Then not only will you be able to remain safe when applying spray foam insulation, but you'll also stay clean.

Cover Areas Where Spray Foam Isn't Going

You may want to get spray foam insulation around particular areas of your home, such as walls in the attic. Well, the areas that aren't receiving this insulation product need to be well-covered because there may be splatters of insulation when you spray.

Fortunately, the materials you use to cover up structures will safeguard you from a stressful cleanup. After you get done spraying this foam insulation around areas of your home, you can remove the cover materials and reveal perfectly intact structures that don't have insulation on them. 

Account For Expansion

When you go to use spray foam insulation, it's important to remember that this product is going to expand as it dries. You need to account for the expansion rate because it will help you use this product in a conservative way where waste isn't likely.

You can go through a couple of test sprays on materials to see how much the spray foam insulation expands. Then you can account for this expansion rate and be more strategic with application from beginning to end. 

Insulating your home is a lot easier to do thanks to spray foam insulation, which comes in kits that you can use yourself with some practice and training. Just make sure you follow the right guidelines so that this insulation production helps you seal off the right areas of your home effectively.  

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