Foundation Issues That Commercial Property Owners May Have To Address

Foundation problems can be costly issues for a commercial building to experience. When these problems are developing, it can be possible for a business to be forced to close until the necessary repairs are completed. Otherwise, the facility may simply be too dangerous for customers and workers to visit. Learning to recognize and mitigate the most common threats to the foundation can help you with avoiding these issues for your enterprise.

Protecting The Concrete Foundation From Water Damage 

The foundation of the commercial building can be very vulnerable to water damage. Unfortunately, this can be a serious problem that could require costly repairs to restore the structural integrity of the building. In extreme cases, it may even be necessary to remove sections of the foundation and repour them. Improving the overall drainage of the soil around the foundation is an option for reducing the threat of these issues arising for the building.  

Uneven Weight Distribution

Over time, large commercial buildings can go through a settling process. While this can be expected, it can be possible to cause some potentially significant issues for the foundation. One example of this can be the risk of the weight distribution over the foundation becoming uneven. This could lead to one section of the foundation cracking or crumbling in response to this immense weight. If this is a problem that your commercial building is starting to develop, there may be some repair options that you can utilize to restore it. An example of this could be supports that will help to improve the distribution of weight or reinforce the foundation so that it can better withstand these forces.

Soil Erosion Away From The Foundation

If the soil erodes away from the foundation of the commercial building, it can pose several significant threats. For example, it may be possible for the exposed portion of the concrete foundation to degrade far more quickly due to being exposed to dramatic temperature swings and large amounts of moisture.

If the soil around your building is eroding in a way that is exposing portions of the foundation, these areas should be filled in as much as possible and the flow of water should be slowed or directed away. These simple steps can potentially save your business from considerable repair costs and major disruptions in the future.

When you have allowed these portions of the foundation to be exposed for some time, it may be advisable to have the exposed portion inspected by a professional concrete repair service to determine whether it has suffered enough wear to require repairs.

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