Here's Why You Should Consider Boiler Pump Replacement

Boiler pumps are essential for generating steam and hot water for various domestic and industrial uses. Like any other engineering equipment, boilers pumps may experience issues that hinder their effectiveness, creating a need for replacement rather than repair. Below is a guide on the reasons your boiler pumps might need to be replaced.

Pilot Light or Igniter Failure 

Gas and oil-powered boiler pumps use electric ignitors and pilot lights to power their main burners and produce enough spark or flame to keep the boiler running. There are simple reasons for ignitor failure, like a dirty flame scanner or an accidentally closed valve that may need simple repair and maintenance services to keep your boiler running. However, other problems, such as faulty pilot ignition cables or defective transformers, are severe sources of concern. They may result in a complete shutdown of your boiler pumps, creating the need for replacement.

Kettling Problems

Boiler kettling refers to abnormal sounds and noises in your boiler pumps, e.g., high-pitched hums, banging, whirring, thumping, and rumbling noises. Such noises result from different issues, and it's best to have a professional check and see if it affects the central heating system, creating a need for replacement. For instance, gurgling and rumbling sounds could signify sludge accumulation in the heat exchange, preventing proper water flow. A professional can quickly deal with the issue by clearing the sludge. On the other hand, other kettling noises might result from severe leaks in your boiler pumps, and replacement rather than repair is the most viable option.

Wrong Size

Getting a boiler with enough capacity to handle your operations is essential when installing a boiler pump. A boiler with a lower operational ability to manage your industrial needs may fail to work entirely or result in issues like slow operation, overheating,  and thermostat and circulator pump failures. It's best to replace the boiler and get one with an accurate capacity to deal with constant repairs. Conversely, an oversized boiler may result in increased energy bills that don't reflect its output, resulting in losses. 


Because of their essential industrial purposes, boiler pumps should operate for years without any issues. However, they can't last forever and will eventually lose efficiency when they attain their recommended years of service. Common signs of old age include recurring problems, such as inadequate and slow heating, constant pressure loss, and unexpected shutdowns after repair and maintenance services. Consider replacing your boiler pumps if such issues become constant and save yourself from frequent repairs, which slow down operations, reducing productivity. Moreover, an old boiler needs a lot of energy to power it, increasing energy bills. 


Do you need a new boiler for your industrial operations? Contact a contractor to learn more about boiler pump replacement.

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