Mistakes To Avoid When Hiring A Builder For Your Custom Home Addition Construction

Building a custom home allows you to create a living space that matches your specific needs, so you don't have to adapt to the layout of a prebuilt house. As your family situation changes over time, you may find that you no longer have enough space to cater to your lifestyle.

A clever way to create more space in your custom home is to make an addition to it. A custom home addition allows you to add square footage to your house, eliminating the need to move into a bigger house. 

Adding to your custom house is a project that requires careful planning and forethought to do it correctly. Avoid these common mistakes when choosing a builder for your custom home addition project.

Hiring Any Builder

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when doing an addition to your custom home is to choose any home builder for the job. A custom home addition is a project that requires specialized training and skills and lots of experience to do it correctly. 

When hiring someone for the job, insist on finding a contractor that exudes professionalism. Usually, this type of contractor will have what it takes to do the job correctly the first time. Some key attributes to look for in a custom home construction professional include:

  1. Proper custom project design 
  2. Fully insured
  3. Proof of successful project completion
  4. Financial soundness
  5. Highly qualified and experienced work crews

With a professional custom home builder, you can rest assured that every aspect of the project will conform to legal requirements, as well as your individual needs. Ultimately, you'll finish your project on time, within budget, and achieve your home addition goals.

Accepting Bids That Don't Include A Builder's Warranty 

As the demand for custom home additions increases, so does the number of builders looking to meet this demand. Because the competition is high, you'll want to choose a builder that stands by the quality of their work.

Builder-backed warranties help address issues that may arise after project completion. Custom home builders that offer these warranties guarantee quality work and protect your investment. Even though these builders may not offer the lowest bids for their services, their pricing is usually fair and competitive. 

Before embarking on your custom home addition, ask your preferred custom home builder for a free no-obligation quote. Getting a quote beforehand allows you to determine how much you could spend on your project.

Keep these tips in mind when looking for a custom home additions service, such as Dog Star Construction.

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