4 Reasons To Use Trusses Instead Of Rafters In Your Next Construction Project

Not many people think about the differences between the different styles and designs used in the construction process. For example, unless a contractor asks for your opinion, you might not know there is a difference between a rafter and a truss in the construction process; however, if you are building your house, it is good to learn about the best ways to hold up your roof. Here are the four reasons you should consider the newer building truss technology than the conventional rafters to hold it up.

Experts Make Them In a Controlled Environment

Construction experts make the trusses before arriving at your construction site. They typically have a plant where all the environmental conditions are well-controlled. On the other hand, your construction team will assemble the rafters on the construction site. There is a difference between the two because making trusses involves quality checks. The manufacturers assess the production process and ensure that the materials and joinery are up to the desired standard. Therefore, the trusses will support your roof better and are less susceptible to weather damage.

They Save You Time

When building with rafters, your construction team will have to stop and create the rafters before proceeding with the rest of the construction process. Since they will be doing manual assembly, it might take a few days and even weeks before they can resume the construction process. On the other hand, the experts who produce trusses have automated systems to ensure they make them within the shortest possible time. With their state-of-the-art equipment and machinery, it is possible to install trusses on a medium- to large-sized house within a day. Therefore, trusses are the way to go when you want to save on time.

They are More Affordable

As a homeowner, you also have to think about what the construction process will cost you. There is wisdom in choosing the construction material that cuts your overall construction costs. The cost of a truss is lower than that of making the rafters. You will make huge savings when you opt for the trusses.

They Are Ideal for Large Structures

The type of frame that you choose to support your roof determines its long-term strength. Truss is excellent for large structures because of their size and tensile strength.

Consult with contractors and find out where you can get the best quality truss for your construction needs. With their help, you will have strong and durable support systems for your new roof.

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