4 Reasons To Consider A Glass Linear Fireplace

When it comes to updating your living space, you want to make your living space feel cozy and modern at the same time. One way to achieve that feeling is by adding a linear glass fireplace to your living room. There are specific benefits that come along with installing a glass linear fireplace in your home. 

Minimalist Style

First, a linear fireplace has a minimalist style to it. It can be installed so that it is flush up against the wall. It doesn't have to protrude outward at all, taking up valuable square footage in your living room. Instead, it will integrate flat into the wall, allowing you to enjoy a fireplace without having to sacrifice any space in your home.  

Additionally, no mantel will stick out from the wall either, literally making a linear glass fireplace the most minimalist fireplace you can add to your home. 

Balanced Aesthetic 

Second, most modern living rooms have large flatscreen televisions in them. Flatscreen televisions are often hung on the wall, creating a more seamless look and experience. You get a nice, long fireplace that will compliment your flatscreen television with a linear fireplace.  

You can install the fireplace down low, and you can hang your television above the fireplace, creating a balanced aesthetic in your living room. The fireplace will not heat up or harm your television if they are hung near each other.  

Convenient Usage 

Third, a gas fireplace is very easy to use. Once your fireplace is installed, all you have to do is turn on the flames when you want to use it. You can use a remote control to turn on the fireplace or adjust the thermostat that you have installed to control it instead. 

To enjoy a little extra heat, all you have to do is flip a switch. You don't have to chop firewood, haul it into your home, or start a fire to enjoy the look of flames and a little extra heat in your living room. You will get to enjoy a little extra warmth without all the extra work.  

No Chimney 

With a linear fireplace, there is no need to install a chimney. With a wood-burning appliance, you need a chimney to get rid of the gas. With a gas fireplace, you don't need a chimney. Instead, all you need is a direct vent that goes out through the roof or a nearby wall. This is a lot less invasive than adding a chimney to your living room. 

When it comes to making your living room cozier, installing a linear fireplace is a great choice. It has minimalist formatting that will bring a balanced aesthetic to your space. It is easy to use and doesn't require a chimney to be added to your space.  

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