2 Possible Reasons Why Your Garage Door Is Moving Slower Than Normal

Lately, whenever you try to open or close your garage door, you may have noticed that it is moving much slower than normal. If this is the case, there are a couple of possible reasons why the door has slower movement, one of which you may be able to fix yourself.

1.  Tracks and Rollers Have Dried Out

One possible reason why your garage door is moving slower than it should is that the tracks and rollers have dried out. When properly lubricated, the rollers will glide freely within the tracks, allowing the door to move smoothly and at an even pace. However, if either or both of the components are dry, friction will be produced as the rollers travel within the tracks. This friction will then slow down the movement of the door. It may also cause it to catch at certain intervals, especially if the tracks are particularly dry in certain areas.

To help remedy this issue, you can try to lubricate the rollers and tracks yourself. However, make sure that you use a lubricant that is specifically designed for garage doors, which can be obtained at hardware and home improvement stores. When you use the lubricant, apply a thin layer to the outsides of the rollers and the insides of the tracks. Then, move the garage door to fully coat them.

2.  Door Springs Are Stretched or Damaged

If lubricating the rollers and tracks does not solve the problem with your garage door, another possible cause of the slow movement could be the springs. The door springs are normally under a lot of tension, allowing them to hold the door securely as it opens and closes. However, if the springs become stretched or damaged, they will no longer hold even tension on the door. When this happens, the door may start to move slowly, especially when you go to open it. 

Because of the intense tension that springs are under, do not attempt to fix them yourself. A professional will have both the tools and know-how to change them without causing damage or injury. 

If you have tried lubricating the tracks and rollers without improvement and/or have found damage to the springs, the problem is outside of the scope of remedies that you can do yourself. Contact a contractor who offers garage door repair services to have them fully inspect the system so that they can take the necessary steps to fix any issues that they may find. Check out this website, https://planooverhead.com/, or similar sites for more information.

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