Remodeling Your Home And Having Twins? 3 Things To Consider

If you are planning to remodel your home and are pregnant with twins, there are many things you need to take into consideration. Below are three of these things to make things easier for you and your new babies.

Open Floor Plan

Having an open floor plan means your kitchen and living room will be one large room. This will ensure that you can see your children as they are playing when they get older. While you are cooking you can easily bring food and drinks to your table without being out of sight from your children. Your children will also likely feel better knowing they will be able to see you.

This will make your home appear larger as there will be no walls dividing the rooms. More natural light will also come into the rooms. 


If your kids will have their own bathroom remodeling it to suit them will make things easier on them and on you. Consider installing double sinks instead of having only one sink. This will allow your twins to both brush their teeth at the same time, as well as wash their hands, wash their face, etc. when they get older.

Install extra shelving in the bathroom also to have room enough for two kids as you would need extra towels, plus extra things like shampoos, body wash, etc. Having an area for toys will also be beneficial as having two children will result in having more bath toys. If you want your children to bathe at the same time install a larger bathtub. This will help save you time and your children can have more fun.


When you first have your babies you likely want them in the same nursery. You need to consider if you want them to be in the same bedroom or have separate bedrooms when they are older. If so, you can use the extra bedroom as a guest room, a craft room, etc., until your babies get big enough to move into their rooms. 

When designing the bedroom add extra shelving to the closet to make room for all their things. Install a bookshelf so the children can easily organize and find books that they love. They can also put other things on the bookshelf such as their favorite toys, etc.

Talk with custom remodeling services specialists about this information. They can also give you more tips on setting your home up well.

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