Addressing Your Home's Frozen Pipes

A sudden and serious plumbing issue will be a problem that will need to be handled promptly. Unfortunately, frozen pipes can be among the more common sources of plumbing problems, and homeowners may often find themselves caught off guard when this type of problem develops.

Shut Off The Valve That Is Supplying Water To The Ruptured Pipe

The first step to take when your pipes have frozen will be to turn off the supply of water to the damaged portions of the pipes. This will help to reduce the pressure in the pipe. It will also reduce the amount of water that seeps out of the rupture when the ice thaws. Unfortunately, homeowners may fail to take this step, which can lead to vast amounts of water pouring into the home.

Contact An Emergency Plumbing Repair Contractor

Once you realize that your pipes have frozen, you should contact a plumbing repair professional to inspect them. By doing this promptly, you may be able to determine whether the pipes have ruptured before the ice melts and floods into the home. This can allow for the needed repairs to be made. Additionally, a plumbing repair provider may be able to gradually melt the ice that has formed in the pipes so that the water will be able to resume flowing through it.

Take Steps To Reduce The Risk Of Future Pipe Ruptures

Some homeowners will find that their houses are at a particularly high risk of developing frozen pipes. This is especially common for older homes as they may have been designed with more pipes along the exterior walls. These homes may have minimal amounts of insulation, which can further expose these pipes to very cold temperatures. During the course of repairing the frozen pipes, a plumbing professional will be able to recommend the steps that will reduce the risk of your home's pipes suffering this type of damage.

Having the plumbing pipes in your home freeze can be an extremely damaging problem as it can contribute to large pipe ruptures due to the fact that water will expand as it freezes. In order to minimize the damages that this problem can cause, a homeowner must be prepared for this type of problem. By understanding the problems that frozen pipes can cause, the need to have the pipes inspected as soon as you notice they have frozen and the types of proactive steps that can reduce the risk of the pipes freezing in the future, preventing this type of serious plumbing issue will be easier. 

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